A word to the wise

One thing readers will learn quickly about me: I’m old-school, at least when it comes to digital media. I miss the days of rushing to the drug store to develop your 35 mm film (I actually started with a 110 mm “Le Click! Can you believe that?) to see how your pictures turned out. Now a days, digital media meets everyone’s instant gratification needs, but it also means most of us have thousands of pictures hanging out our camera, hard-drive, back-up drive, cyberspace, or God knows where.

That being said, I usually have hundreds of pictures on my computer of the boys, none of which are really current. The current ones are in my crappy digital camera that met the perils of rain on our 2011 Michigan camping trip. As a result, I will try to post pictures when I can, but it may not be as often as most bloggers.

It also means that I myself am guilty of not developing diddly squat. My kids baby books are pathetic. First of all, I have no clue where they are (bad mommy). Second of all, it covers their birth but ceases to be after a couple of months. Yes.. the kids are still around. No… I did not return them to the womb (although don’t think there aren’t days I haven’t considered it). Yes… I intend to make their baby books presentable — one day. You know that quote: “If it’s not in the scrapbook it didn’t happen”? Upsetting. Mortifying. Good thing I don’t believe it.

I should probably begin with some general information about Nate and Matt… as well as some pictures. So you know what that means: I’ll have to hunt them down. And I’ll be back…


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  1. Allanya
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 20:31:54

    Is this the first post? Too true, now our kids with have 10 billion pictures to go through when we kick the bucket.


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