Can it be cured?

"You can't handle the truth!"

OK. Well I think we’ve all seen this cartoon before… it’s nothing new. But I’d like to mention that, when I see my doctor this Friday for my migraines and my bum knee, it’s entirely possible I might look like this. It’s entirely possibly that this poor mom’s other shoe is currently filled with legos and floating in the bathtub. It’s entirely possibly that the popsicle stick is in her hair after she pried its sticky remnants off the couch, and, decided to tuck it behind her ear after observing the trash had been turned upside down so her sons could use the bin to build Fort Smelly. It’s also entirely possible the migraines will be blamed on yelling at the children and the bum knee on chasing after them with clothes when they are running naked through the hallways. It’s entirely possible the doctor will have no sympathy. (She has kids. She makes it to a paying job. She even looks put together, too.) And, it’s also entirely possible I will be requesting Percocet and Valium.


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