Dinner Conversations

Matt: Dad, I don’t like the sauce on this chicken.
Dad: Well wipe it off then.
Matt: Will you wipe it off?
Dad: No. Try using your tongue to wipe it off.
Matt: OK.

Matt: … But that’s the worst school ever (Ohio State)!  
Dad: Ohio State? But dad went there…!
Mom: And mommy, too!
Matt: But it’s no fun there. (Long pause.) They don’t have trains. 

(Apparently we are raising a future Boilermaker. **sigh**)

Nate: Is Matt really going to go to Purdue?
Dad: Maybe. It’s a good school.
Mom: They have a good engineering program.
Matt: (Another long pause.) But do you have to wear button shirts?

Their college has been pre-selected.


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