The Story of my Life…

At our house it’s permanent marker…

…which reminds me that I need to buy school supplies today. Joy. $20-$30 for s**t they’ll stick in all their bodily orifices and come home wearing. When I was their age, school supplies were included. And I walked at least a mile to school. Uphill. In the snow. Really… I swear. Oh, and during lunch there was actually enough time to finish your food instead of throwing your parents hard-earned $$$ right into the trash, coming home and immediately demanding a gargantuan snack, before running off to play with the neighbor kids, where they eat 2-3 more snacks, come home and refuse to eat their dinner. Wasn’t that a great run-on sentence? The story of my life…


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  1. amfrank
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 19:02:07

    awesome post


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