Oooops… I did it again

Would you believe after all that whining (not from the kids… from me) about wall borders back in June that I put up another one? Well… I shouldn’t say, “put up,” more like “screwed up” or “attempted.” You would think I had learned my lesson the first time.  However, if you compare articles
( ),
you’ll see there were some differences:

This time, the border was for the master bath.

10. The kids didn’t offer to help. As a matter of fact, one kid was out of town. The other one said: “Mom… are you crazy? Why are you doing that again?”

9. I didn’t swear. Probably because there were no kids around to hear me.

8. I once again failed to inform anyone of what I was doing. Until I slunk outside, tail between my legs, begging for my husband’s help.

7. The glue didn’t smell as bad as last time. Maybe Ralph Lauren makes more quality wallpaper glue than whatever kid’s company manufactured my last wall border. After all, they practiced quality manufacturing on this year’s Olympics uniforms. Made in their Chinese sweatshops.

6. I failed to have liquid nourishment handy this time. Lack of Sunkist in the house I suppose.

5. The border kept falling down… again. This time for every 5 flowers I pasted up, 10 flowers fell down. You can see the problem here… again.

4. There wasn’t as much clutter in the bathroom as in Matt’s room. As a matter of fact, I left the hamper right where it was so I could step on it as needed, hoping those extra 5 pounds I put on wouldn’t send me crashing through it. I also stood on the toilet tank cover. The hell with the rickety old ladder…

3. No window treatments this time. I’m not much of an exhibitionist.

2. Can you believe I was stupid enough to use Pandora for my background music… again? Now I know why my kids do the same dumb things over and over. For some thick-skulled people, it takes awhile to sink in…

1. This time, I demanded my husband abandon baseball with my 4-year-old, and — a hour and half after I started with NO progress — insisted he help me. I claimed fragility and feminine woes. I had (have) no shame…

In conclusion, the wallpaper border is not completely up. I do not like it. I quit halfway through the job. Tomorrow is another day…


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