Told you I would share my novel! Well… at least the first chapter. If you want to read more, you’re going to have to do some work. Not homework: fun-work! Help me pass the first round of judging by voting for “Madison’s Avenue,” each day and every day, starting October 2nd. (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. Daily.) Yeah, I know… it’s like one big popularity contest, at least to start. Think of it as helping me feel much better about myself than I did all through high school and thirteen therapists later. AND, if I do ever become rich and famous, you can always say you knew me when (or come after me for my money).


Where, oh where … is Amy?

… At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from my loyal followers. All fifteen of them. 🙂

And the answer to your burning question is: I’m still here. I’m sorry if you’ve waited too long between posts for your daily or weekly dish of parenting fodder… er… filth.

The truth be told is I’ve finally — over two decades later — been inspired to write that great American novel I’ve been wanting to compose since high school. I’m also deep in the trenches of editing a piece from one of my Australian followers who’s about to learn I’m a grammar Nazi.

So no, I’m still making parenting foibles on a daily basis: some of them quite large. You just haven’t had the pleasure of reading about them as often as I know you would like. If you cannot wait for a good laugh, I would highly suggest re-reading “Ask Amy.”

I promise when the wind dies down from my writing frenzy, I will bring that creativity back to the Adventures of Parenting Matt & Nate. And I will be full of my usual rants, sarcasm, and w(h)ine. And I will share my novel with you, too. The first chapter will be posted online in a writing contest, where the fans vote for the best. It’s fiction, but it contains both my winning sarcasm in the main character’s voice, as well as some parenting elements. I hope you’ll give me your support.

And now… back to the trenches.

Even white boys like to shout…

Reflective Thoughts by Amy #2049: Never, never, never have Sir Mix-A-Lot playing in the car when you pick up the boys from school, unless you want to drive home to a continual chorus of “I like big butts.” Chances are, they’ll learn absolutely none of the other lyrics, but continue chanting those four magic words all day.

big butts