Parenting is a House of Pain

Earlier this week, while listening to Fort Fun’s Rewind station on the drive home from school, Jump Around by House of Pain came on. Naturally, it was only a few minutes before Matt decided that since we were in a semi-quiet, enclosed place with a sleeping baby, he should try to imitate the shriek that House of Pain samples in the background. Yeah… his attempt was not so good. Naturally, it was only a few more minutes before Nate decided he should imitate the shrieking, too.  Yeah… his attempt was only a small notch better than Matt’s. Naturally, at this point, the baby was awake. She looked to her left at a shrieking Matt. She looked to her right at a shrieking Nate. She listened to the music. She gave me a look in the baby mirror which I caught in the rear-view which clearly meant “What is up with my brothers’ awful vocal stylings?” Naturally, she then let a shriek of her own out which was… well… damn near perfect: Perfectly in rhythm. Perfectly in sync. Perfectly loud. Peyton upstages them all.

And baby takes the Grammy!

And baby takes the Grammy!

In related musical news, Peyton has decided she’s a big fan of the song “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. If that means she destined for becoming BFF with North and getting wrapped up in that Kardashian nonsense, well… then I might have to shriek.


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  1. Nickolaus A. Pacione
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 18:10:26

    One of my buddies sings in a death metal band is a father of then a four year old and she was photographed in one of his shirts. I would joke to him that he might teach her how to sing Shadows of Light or Rain for a Talent Show and even teach her the growled parts on the faster of the two.


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