It’s just another Manic Sunday, and my boys are nuts

My boys think it’s absolutely nirvana to dine on Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and ABCs & 123s, mixed together, for lunch. This is a creation lazily slopped together once by dad in an effort not to use too many microwave bowls. Now it’s a regular request. One day, just to mess with them, I think I might throw in a little Franco American Spaghettios! And do you know what I like to do when there’s only one can of said deliciousness left in the house? I hide it behind the canned vegetables for myself! Surely they would never, ever look behind those, right?

Note the whole grain variety: I only serve wholesome foods here. ;)

Note the whole grain variety: I only serve wholesome foods here. (Hardee-Har-Har!)

In other news, after said gourmet lunch the boys have spent their Sunday afternoon gathering together every single solitary acorn in the yard and placing them in the back of the toy ride-on tractor in the garage. Chef Dad, creator of the Boyardee miracle, explained to them that the squirrels need those nuts to make it through the winter. So the boys explained they will be dragging their stash back outside in an effort to fairly redistribute them in a first ever socialistic squirrel welfare-state. I would liken it to food stamps, but the logistics behind that are a little too much for their 9 and 6-year-old brains. Plus, I’m not letting them have all the printer paper so they can design said stamps, even if it does keep my little nut-jobs occupied! Why aren’t their teachers giving them more homework, anyway? Geez!


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