Sleepeating: Part II

Yeah… yeah… yeah… Haven’t published anything in ages: I know. Maybe it’s because my last totally stellar entry on Intergalactic Parenting last year only got a few likes here and on Facebook. C’mon people: I have feelings too! **sniff** **sniff**

Anyhoo, guess who’s back? Back again. Amy’s back… yet again. I had something I just had to share. Amy’s completely loyal followers — like, all 25 of them — will surely remember the fantabulous entry about Matt’s adventures in sleep-eating. Don’t remember? Allow me to refresh that pre-Alzheimer’s brain of yours:

Yeah… I know… that was a great entry, right?

Well it pleases me to no end to let you know we have another sleep-eater in the family: Sweet Pea. And she looks just as sweet sleep-eating as the Mattie-Monster. Let me show you:

In the jungle, belly totally sated from Skyline Chili Dip, the lion sleeps tonight.

In the jungle, belly totally sated from Skyline Chili Dip, the lion sleeps tonight.

Okay… so it might totally also be the direct result of both refusing to nap today and spending an hour or so running around outside with her brothers and some friends. Either way, this momma is shedding tears of pride that another of the O’Brien clan not only appreciates the world’s best chili, but also is skilled enough to use her time that efficiently that she can both eat and sleep at the same time.

She truly is a gifted child (and she takes after her mother).

This blog entry to be continued when I have more pictures of my daughter’s skill to share. She hasn’t been on this planet as long as Matt but I’m confident she’ll be able to give him a run for his money.


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